Life Plan

If you feel stuck in life, not knowing where to head next, or if you desire greater meaning and impact but aren’t sure what that looks like, a LifePlan is just what you need. Your personalized LifePlan will help you make sense of today’s realities, focus on your future vision, and help create a plan to get there. Your LifePlan will integrate all of the areas of your life- personal, family, career, faith, and community- so you can be sure to fully optimize your whole self.  Best of all, the LifePlan takes place over just two days so you can experience the significant results you’re after in less than 48 hours.


“I did a LifePlan many years ago. I can’t recommend the Paterson Process enough. It is an incredibly clarifying and telling experience for anyone at a crossroads or just looking for more purpose and meaning in their daily life.”

Isaac Slade (Lead Singer of The Fray)

“By nature, we all tend to live imbalanced lives. LifePlanning is a tool for reorganizing your life around what really matters. Tom Paterson’s LifePlan process was so helpful to me that I insisted all my senior staff go through the process.”

Rick Warren (Pastor and Author of Purpose Driven Life)

“The LifePlan process has provided a great perspective on my current job situation, which has helped to boost my effectiveness and confidence. Identifying my core talents has also provided ideas for alternatives I could pursue in the future. The exercise has been beneficial for my personal life in identifying items to help with the often elusive overall life balance”

William Clikeman (Senior Engineer, The Chrysler Corporation)


You’re ready for a LifePlan if:

  • You feel like you’re coasting and want more out of life
  • You are looking for a clear vision for your future and a plan to get you there
  • You seek more balance and control in your life
  • You want to feel like you’re making a contribution to the world, each and every day
  • You realize there are a lot of things you could do, but you want to know what you must do
  • You are desperate for a real focus in life, one that is filled with passion and purpose

The LifePlan process was created by master strategic thinking Tom Paterson. It is a proven process that has helped thousands of individuals over the past couple of decades. You can learn more about Tom Paterson and the LifePlan by visiting the Paterson Center website.

The LifePlan process takes place over two full days. Each day goes from 8 am – 5 pm with breaks for lunch and snacks.

Two people- you and me. I am the guide and you are the content. The LifePlan process is one-on-one experience fully devoted to helping you discover greater meaning and purpose for your life.

By the end of the two days, you will have extreme clarity on:

  • Who you are by discovering your greatest talents, passions, core values, wiring, thinking, and more.
  • What your unique purpose is in life by developing a personal life mission statement
  • Where you want to be in 10-20 years by creating a personal vision statement
  • What specific steps or initiatives will help you realize your future vision including what’s most important right now

All of these discoveries will be packaged in your own personalized online LifePlan Playbook.  You will have lifetime access to your online playbook, allowing you to review and renew your plan for a lifetime of purposeful living.

My standard LifePlan rate is $2,400. This includes breakfast and lunch on Day 1 and lunch on Day 2.  This also includes lifetime access to your unique online LifePlan Playbook, allowing you to review and renew your own LifePlan for a lifetime of purposeful living.

Yes.  My standard rate for a full 3-day LifePlan with your spouse is $3600.  Please contact me for more information about this if you and your spouse may be interested.

I would be happy to recommend lodging in the Grand Rapids area if you are out of town. Or, if you’d like me to facilitate your LifePlan in your hometown, contact me to discuss the logistics.

Contact me for a free 30-minute LifePlan conversation to see if a LifePlan is right for you.

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