My name is Tom Skilling. I am a proud husband to Jessalyn and father to Madelyn and Matthew.

Growing up, I thought I had my entire life planned out. I would attend the University of Michigan (Go Blue!) and become an engineer. I would get married, raise a family, live comfortably, retire, and eventually pass away.

End of story.

Don’t get me wrong- this would not have been a bad life. It’s just that this wasn’t the life meant for me.

As a U of M sophomore pursuing mechanical engineering, I realized a greater calling and purpose for my life. I desired to help people know God and His unique plan for their lives. Not long after, I transferred schools to pursue a ministry degree and eventually entered full-time ministry in 2008.

I can honestly say I am living an incredible life right now.

You can now find me leading the Small Groups Ministry at the Knapp Street Campus of Ada Bible Church in Grand Rapids, Michigan. In 2016, not long after having my own LifePlan done, I got certified by the Paterson Center to facilitate LifePlans for others.

When I am not serving the church or facilitating LifePlans, I enjoy staying active by running or playing soccer, reading or listening to the latest leadership books or podcasts, watching Michigan football, and most of all, adventuring with my family.

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